What is ezXchanges?


Fast. Easy. Secure.

ezXchanges is the premier online video exchange solution. Incorporating ezXchanges services will bring your conference to the forefront of new technology.


We provide a web-based application that allows coaches, conference offices, and officials to easily and securely exchange and access video. No special software or hardware is required to use ezXchanges nor do you need any technical expertise. ezXchanges works identically on Windows and Mac, therefore putting neither system at a disadvantage.


Games are uploaded once and are then transcoded on our servers to standardized Mac, Windows, and DVD-ready video formats. ezXchanges stores the games on a centralized hub. The games are then available for authorized programs to download in the format of their choice–anytime and anywhere.


ezXchanges maintains our own servers with daily system and data backup. Games never sit on third party servers. This ensures ready-access for all games and provides a high degree of security.

The ezXchanges Advantage:

  • User-friendly technology
  • EZ for Windows and Mac users alike
  • Games are secure and accessible any time and anywhere
  • Fast and easy transfers
  • Unparalleled expert service and support 24/7