Multiple Video Formats

ezXchanges online exchange services offers all games in Mac, Windows, and DVD-ready video formats so users are instantly able to view video on various platforms and mediums (iPad, Mac, Windows, DVD player, etc.) without having to do cumbersome and time consuming video conversions.


We know many coaching staffs have begun to utilize a wider variety of methods of watching video and this feature saves you valuable time. This past season we added a HD video license (at no additional cost) so you now have the ability to exchange HD video if your program has the ability to capture and upload HD video files.

Download Formats

All games on ezXchanges are available in these native video formats:

  • Windows video format - Windows Media 9 (.wmv)
  • Mac video format – H.264 (.mp4)
  • ezDVD - a ready-to-burn DVD file (.iso)


ezXchanges distributes HD 720p 60fps, H.264 files for our HD video license holders. Our HD license has been utilized by teams in all three NCAA divisions.


All of ezXchanges video format specifications provide high-quality, full frame, full motion video, but at file sizes small enough for fast and easy Internet exchange.

Format Flexibility for Uploading

For you convenience, we support uploads in many different video formats including the following: .avi .divx .xvid .m2v .m2ts .m2t .mts .ts .trp .mpeg .mpg .mp4 .m4v .mov .vob .wmv .asf

Mobile Device Compatibility

ezXchanges video formats are compatible and ready-to-go with mobile viewing devices like the iPod, iPhone, iPad and Android devices. You can distribute games to coaching staffs and/or players to their mobile device of choice for viewing on the go!

PC or Mac – Cross Platform by Design

ezXchanges was designed from the start to be compatible for all coaches, officials, or administrators regardless of what type of computer everyone utilizes. We do not write sports editing software or sell sports editing workstations. Instead, our goal is to make all the different editing systems and computer platforms play well together, without suggesting schools change the systems or computer platforms already in place. We facilitate fast and easy exchange of video for everyone.